A man just walked past me and said “excuse me, but you look very nice tonight darlin” I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and walked off. And that is how you compliment a woman without harassing them

No, that is still unsolicited, and thus, harassment. No amount of “darlins” is gonna make me not want to punch your ass for coming on to me without provocation.






the comic is killing me



porn is one of the most insidious industries out there. it hides misogyny and violence against women under a thin veil of sexual “liberation”, and worst of all, it’s totally 100% accessible to anyone on the internet, especially young boys, who are now watching porn as early as 12 (on average). that should scare the shit out of you, and if it doesn’t, you’re not paying attention

Why We Need Feminism

If I were to mention a person who is a hero, who comes to mind? Given a trait or two of any generic hero, this person would probably be strong, determined, compassionate, motivated, as well as a person who would give anything and everything they have for the well being of another person. Who may have come to mind? Was it, perhaps, your own mother? A person strong enough to carry you in her womb for nine months, dealing with all the physical, emotional, and mental ailments of pregnancy, who then endured childbirth to bring you into this world, and then sacrificed all her independence to take care of you and to love you - not because she’s expecting anything from you in return - but solely on the grounds that you are her child, and that all it takes is love and instinct to be motivated to even die for you - if such means were necessary to do so for her child. But - how can this be? As amazing as your dear mother is, at the end of the day - she’s merely a woman. Then again, what if your mom were to take on a job such as a mechanic, or a landscaper? Well, that would just be obscene! She is practically unneeded in the functioning world. Who will be left to do the cooking, the cleaning, the sewing, the laundry, and the one who deals with all the “emotional” stuff, like when you cry, or you skin your knee? Those are her obligations as a woman - the only things she CAN do, that will matter. All those scars and stretch marks and gray hairs and a few extra pounds she’s earned since taking on the role as a mother? GROSS. Doesn’t she have the decency to LOOK at herself? No man would EVER want to look at that. How disgusting. That woman better sort out what her values are, and know her place. After all, she’s just a WOMAN, not a MAN. A man, however, in our society is far more capable. Men, the directors of this production we call “Society”. They call assign all the roles, call all the shots, and choreograph all the numbers. Women are just understudies, and part of the ensemble. Somehow it’s just understood who has what it takes to play the leading characters of our society. A man, obviously is a lot stronger - just by nature, doesn’t cry or have many feelings anyway, would never have an “off day” just because he’s probably getting his period - and is overall just presumably more qualified to play the part. In any show, there are always things that could use a little more touching up - you know, just your basic stuff like domestic abuse and rape, that for some reason - just never find themselves written out of the production. Women, however, only attend the show each night because they’re all just a bunch of critics. With their biased opinions on getting beat by their husbands, or sexually assaulted on the street - when clearly they were asking for it; they’re only willing to rate the show a mere 3 out of 5 stars. You know where those other 2 stars are? In the kitchen, just like where everyone else of the female kind belong. This men’s production of our Society is just great the way it is. A show any guy can relate to - it has everything! Like sports, cars, boobs, you name it! None of that “let’s use our established upper hand to fix this world we live in”, now that’s just gay. These women need to take a good long look at themselves, trying to somehow be equals to men? What are they, a bunch of Feminists?! *pause for impact*

The meaning of Feminism, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” Today’s women are held at a lower level of status and credibility than men; our society needs Feminism to eliminate the stigma that women somehow do not hold the same unbound potential as a man.

Who says women aren’t just as capable as men? Everyone can work together. When tragedy strikes, are we all not human beings who have just been struck by tragedy? The women who partook in the responding process of 9/11 are still fighting for recognition and respect. Terri Tobin of NYPD recalls her memory of September 11th, 2001 and how “there were no tasks performed down there by men, that weren’t performed by women.” But who cares, right? Men probably saved more people, and they’re probably going to get hungry from doing all that hard labor that no mere woman could ever do, so who will be around to make him a sandwich?

Chow on this - the current pay rate of women to men as of 2013 is only 78¢ to every dollar. Really, what are you missing from 22¢ though, money to buy tampons? Some mustered up explanations for the gap in pay is that “typical” jobs a woman might have just don’t measure up to the jobs a man might have, given that it is “typical” that not too long after graduating college is when women would settle down to have kids, and therefore do not contribute to the money circulating in the pool for “typical” women jobs, and therefore men are just paid more by default. A woman by the name of Patricia Valoy was lucky enough to be granted an apprenticeship at a construction site in college. She was going to be working on a high-rise luxury building near Central Park in New York City. With construction being a passion of hers, Patricia certainly had high hopes for the opportunity. Upon her arrival to the project, standing amongst a group of other students that consisted of men as well as women, she was blatantly told by the manager of the site “sorry, I don’t work with women in this job, it’s nothing personal.” Despite being sexually harassed and having her work performance commented on by her fellow workers, Ms. Valoy was still assigned administrative tasks like making lists, taking pictures, and checking up on other peoples tasks for completion. Valoy recalls “nobody was doing anything I couldn’t do”, although she was still met with the sarcastic response of “Honey, stay there, this is really dangerous.” Of the construction and extraction career industry, women make up just 2.6 percent. The Department of Labor found that 88% of women in construction said they had experienced sexual harassment at work, compared to the 25% of women experiencing sexual harassment in the workforce in general. This seems like a whopping load of crap to put up with as a female construction worker, just to be paid $11.15/hr for every $14.30 a man makes doing the same job. We need Feminism to stop the taboo that being a woman is a disposition that somehow makes you a less valuable worker than a man, no matter what your level of capability is. Now that is something to whistle at.

If men somehow are better members of society than women are, why are serious social issues like domestic violence and rape being brushed off like any such behavior is acceptable? Well clearly, women are just weak. They cry about everything. Maybe if they were smart enough to know where their rightful place is, and not provoke their husbands into beating them up, or if they stopped being such oblivious idiots and covered themselves up so they don’t attract any unwanted attention, they would have to find other things to bitch about. But really, what’s the big deal? If someone wants to have sex with you, whether or not you’re consenting, you should take that as a compliment, right? If you don’t want any problems, then don’t start any. Who knows what a man might do if he should notice the length of your skirt, or whatever you chose to wear to display your body? That’s just what’s written in the buonafied script for this male-dominated Society - so therefore that’s probably just the way it is. Recently in the media, various NFL players have been involved with charges of domestic violence and abuse. What has been done about this? The National Football League Commissioner, Roger Goodell has put a firm foot down to…make the players sit out of a couple of games. Well obviously, so we can all get back to our sports, cars, and boobs, right? None of that pusillanimous girl stuff like counseling, or anger management programs, what happens, happens. The wives of these players should just make sure to not upset their famous athlete husbands, and just go talk about their feelings or read a magazine when they go get their nails done or something.

These “feelings” and “opinions” these women have wouldn’t be so disregarded if it wasn’t for the societal gap categorizing women differently from men, and maybe - just maybe, our society could have an understanding that behaviors of this nature are not acceptable, and absolutely should not be tolerated as any kindof social norm whatsoever. Feminism is necessary to bring the capability of all women to light, and that she can do anything she sets her mind to; she should not have to be inevitably kept from doing so by any man or any unjust societal idiosyncrasy. But then again, is all this really such a big deal? Chicks these days are just pissy they can’t get an abortion if perhaps a child is conceived from an act of rape. Like - what a bunch of girls.